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Bonus Material

Blooper Reel #1 - Cultural Insights
Subtitle: There's nothing funny about botanising on the asphalt. 

Blooper Reel #2 - S*x and F**d
Subtitle: If food be the food of love ... food on?

Blooper Reel #3 - Four Legs Good
Subtitle: Spiders and Lizards and Lambs, Oh My

Blooper Reel #4 - US-UK Relations
Subtitle: I don't think arses were handed to anyone

Blooper Reel #5 - tangents 'n' banter
Subtitle: It's called a tamakakura

SMFMS Interview  with Liam Knight (aka, Dystopia Junkie)
Topic: Parable of the Sower, Dystopias, and the Post-Apocalyptic
Subtitle: 'And upon his forehead was a name written, FINN''

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