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1.1 Frankenstein


A ​(Not-so-useful) Summary of Season 1, Episode 1.

  • Local literature expert HATES plot.

  • Our text’s narrator (one of many) is revealed to be a giant loser.

  • Mary Shelley boinked on her mother’s grave (?!).

  • Frozen and brooding gays.

  • Timothée Chalamet as Victor Frankenstein in the new, (un)officially (never to be) released sequel to Call Me By Your Name.

  • Henry the Himbo.

  • “Lightning? Hope this doesn’t awaken anything in me… 👀."

  • “As it so often does, teenage cockiness turns to grave robbing.”

  • NEW! Corpse flatpacks: “Människa” sold only at IKEA.

  • ALSO NEW! Cuddly “Corpse Creature”, pre-order yours today at Build-a-Bear-Workshop in time for All Hallows’ Eve!

  • Victor “Am I the Asshole” Frankenstein.

  • Victor’s dorm inspections:

    • Corpses ✅

    • Dismembered body parts ✅

    • Accidental cannibalism (skin and grave dust on your avo-toast) ✅

    • Candles 🚫

  • Victor “Want Brunch?” Frankenstein.

  • After his child wakes for the very first time, VF:

  • Victor’s (Hot Dead) Mom...

  • Justice for Justine.

  • Yet ANOTHER frame narrative.

  • Intellectual Asshat-ery.

  • Detailed, written recollections of your felonies are NOT recommended.

  • Hideous Creature Cleans For Hillbillies, What Happens Next Will SHOCK You! [[cLiCk HeRe]]


  • This is really just a book about military-grade incel chads.

  • Victor Frankenstein decided to wake up and choose violence.

  • “Don’t threaten me with a good time~"

  • Abby:

  • RIP Clerval.

  • Elizabeth “I Can Fix Him” Frankenstein.

  • Lizzie gets Fridged.

  • Emotionally ashing a cigarette on Walton’s feelings.

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